2021 Plans for Estate Updates

Estate Updates for 2021

My husband Eric, myself, and our two sweet children just had the pleasure of staying at Bella Vista Estate. This was the first time, just the 4 of us, as “guests”. We spent the day after Christmas through New Years on the property; soaking in the beauty of a snow-covered Yampa Valley and reigniting the spark of joy that comes with such expansive freedom and family intimacy. It was such a treat for us to finally get the chance to enjoy the property without the to-do list constantly looming over us. I think what the real difference was with this visit was the peace and freedom we felt from taking a break in our rental schedule for the whole winter. As such, we’ve settled on the projects we’re most excited to accomplish during winter. These updates will make the estate even more comfortable and luxurious for our guests. Here’s what you can look forward to the next time you stay at Bella Vista Estate!

Cottage Bathrooms Getting Complete Makeover

For the first five years as the property owners at Bella Vista Estate we focused primarily on ensuring the buildings and amenities all had good foundational bones. Now it’s finally time for us to begin estate updates that make the aesthetic improvements that have been nagging away at us! The cottage bathrooms are getting a complete makeover for functionality and aesthetic. These bathrooms are coming down to the studs and will be rebuilt with stunning new fixtures. New tile, new vanities, new shower heads—the works! This includes both of the bathrooms downstairs and the bathrooms upstairs. We will also be making the lower cottage bathroom more handicap-friendly. By widened doorways, grab bars and a handicap accessible shower.

Master Bathroom in Main Lodge Becoming Luxury Bridal Changing Suite

Not many people know this, but the master suite in the main Lodge actually has two bathrooms as used to be tradition in many older homes. (Instead of a his and hers sink, many couples actually enjoyed his and hers completely separate bathrooms!) We’ve had the second bathroom locked off from our guests as an internal storage area. Now, both bathrooms are coming down to the studs and will be rebuilt as one giant master bathroom with a dressing and makeup area for brides and bridesmaids! This room is going to be stunning! Future brides at Bella Vista Estate will love having this expansive bathroom. With a freestanding tub, gigantic shower, private privy area, and heated floors.

New Stainless Steel Appliances in the Cottages

The 2 kitchens in the cottages are getting brand new stainless steel appliances including new refrigerators and ovens. These appliances will be more energy efficient, easier to clean, and offer modern functionality to all of our guests. (Last year we replaced all of the dishwashers in the main lodge, so guests across the estate can enjoy updated amenities.)

We are so excited to facilitate these projects for all of our future guests at Bella Vista Estate. We know in our hearts that it’s time the beauty on the inside of the estate matches the beauty of the outside. Contact a representative of our staff to discuss availability and scheduling for 2021 and 2022 weddings and family reunions.