Bear Tales

The bears have been unreal here in Steamboat over the past couple of weeks.  I just read in the paper today that one broke into a Subaru and destroyed it just last night!  We had a very large mama bear come visit three nights ago and a little baby that has been running around for weeks.  When we first took over the Estate it was Fall 2016 and there was a bear that was messing with us continuously.  He ripped out the pool speakers, tore apart our back stairs trying to get at some honey bees, batted around and rolled away our huge compost ball like it was a tiny beach ball, and left piles of poop for us to clean up each morning!  I think he felt it was his private Colorado Estate and we had to let him know otherwise.  We have made many changes around the Estate to keep their presence to a minimum including having the caterers for our weddings haul away their trash at the end of the evening.  Before then you could likely see a bear walking down our driveway in the middle of the day while you would be swimming in the pool 200 feet away!  I’m not sure if this appeals to you, but it scares me!  If you are looking for an authentic, Rocky Mountain vacation experience, come on up to Steamboat!