Bella Vista Road Trip Guide

How to Plan and Pack for Your Stay at Bella Vista

In an effort to stay safe and socially distanced, more people are opting to drive, rather than to fly, to their vacation destinations. This evokes memories of many classic family vacations, piled into the car with a cooler full of sandwiches, listening to music while the countryside whizzes past the car windows. Between all of the packing for you, the kids, and your event, you might be imagining a car stuffed to the brim with suitcases of clothes, snacks, and decorations. Luckily, we have many amenities on-site that will save you room in the vehicle (and your brain!). If your family is planning a road trip to Steamboat Springs for your stay at the Bella Vista Estate, here are some useful tips for you to keep in mind.

Convenient Commute Radius Includes Colorado, Utah, Wyoming & Nebraska

One of the things that we love about being located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado is that we are an easy 4-6 hour drive for individuals coming from certain parts of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and even Nebraska. Bella Vista Estate is an easy 3-4 hour commute from Denver and most locations along the Colorado front range. We are only 5 hours away from Salt Lake City, Utah, a drive which can include a visit to Dinosaur National Park or a stop in Flaming Gorge. Bella Vista Estate can offer a convenient solution for families looking to gather from multiple Western locales.

No Need to Pack Your Camp Kitchen

When traveling to Bella Vista there’s no need to pack your Coleman camp stove or more than a day’s worth of sandwiches in a cooler. When you arrive at Bella Vista Estate you will have access to four fully appointed kitchens complete with all of the equipment and groceries you might need to feed your entire family during your stay. Send a list of your must-have groceries and snacks to our concierge prior to your arrival and we will have everything you want and need stocked in the kitchen, ready to go for you.

Indoor and Outdoor Entertainment On-Site

Pull the puzzles and lawn games back out of the car and leave them at home! We have everything you need for indoor and outdoor entertainment here for you at the estate. On-site you will find lawn games, pool toys, books, puzzles, and an entire indoor game room complete with arcade games, board games, and more. Don’t waste precious space in your vehicle packing pool noodles! Bella Vista Estate is fully stocked with entertainment amenities for adults and kids of all ages.

Baby & Toddler Amenities On-Site

If you have a baby or toddler, you might expect half your vehicle to be packed with hiking packs, strollers, pack and play cribs, toys and more. At Bella Vista we have absolutely everything you could need for a toddler or young baby. We have pack ‘n plays, baby tubs, bouncers, rockers, strollers, hiking packs, and more on site, all cleaned and sanitized for your visit. This makes packing for families much easier! We are parents too and understand everything that’s essential to have at your home away from home for babies and toddlers.

Plan to Dress Steamboat Casual

Save space in your vehicle by packing only your favorite and most comfortable clothes! A “Steamboat Casual” wardrobe is all about comfort and versatility. All you need is maybe one nice outfit to wear out to dinner if your family is planning a fine dining experience. Otherwise, bring your yoga pants, comfortable hiking clothes, and favorite hoodies for hanging out around Bella Vista Estate. (And of course, a swim suit for the pool and indoor grotto!) You can lounge comfortably around the estate enjoying complete privacy from other tourists. Be your most comfortable self in Steamboat Springs!

Do you have more questions about how to plan and pack for your stay at Bella Vista Estate? Ready to book a relaxing family reunion, wedding, or retreat? Contact Bella Vista Estate to discuss rates and availability and to start working with our on-site concierge to plan your stay.