Bella Vista’s Giving Back Program

Bella Vista Giving Back Program

When my husband Eric and I purchased the Bella Vista Estate we made a promise to ourselves and to God to always use the property as a platform to do good. It has been our mission since day one to use the estate to bring happiness, connection, and joy into people’s lives. To help families get closer to one another, to reunite friends, and to foster a divine sense of wellbeing and prosperity. That’s why, starting from day one, we created Bella Vista’s Giving Back Program. Through this program we ensure that we are giving back to our community and essential nonprofits.

10% of Each Deposit Goes Directly to Nonprofits

Since purchasing the property, we have remained committed to giving 10% of each deposit to a local nonprofit. Each year we choose three nonprofits that align with our values. And ones that reflect what is going on in the Bella Vista family’s life at the time. We let our guests select which of the three nonprofits they would like their 10% to go towards. This is an important part of the Giving Back Program for us, as we hope it helps the guests to feel involved in the process.

History of the Giving Back Program

In 2017 we selected three community specific nonprofits to support with the program: 

  1. Impact 100 is an extraordinary series of local philanthropic events designed to raise funds and awareness for Steamboat-based nonprofits.
  2. Northwest Rocky Mountain Casa provides court appointed special advocates for vulnerable children who are victims of domestic abuse and negligent parenting.
  3. Steamboat Christian Center was beginning the addition of a second building to be used as a community event space and to reach more people.

In 2018 Bella Vista chose to support One-by-One, Selah, and Old Town Hot Springs. 

  1. One-by-One is a nonprofit organization started by our then property managers, Ryan and Alyssa Stauffer. They work to support and nurture leaders for peace through Building Leaders for Peace.
  2. Selah. I was an expecting mother, and thought it was very important to support Routt County’s reproductive health center. Because no matter where you’re at in life, it is overwhelming to be expecting.
  3. Old Town Hot Springs was embarking on their enormous renovation project in 2018. And we felt this entity is essential to quality of life in Steamboat Springs.

In 2019 we chose to support REPS, Integrated Communities, and MOPS.

  1. REPS, Reaching Everyone Preventing Suicide, connects volunteers with persons in need of mental health support right here in Routt County. 
  2. Integrated Communities is a local organization that proactively promotes and supports successful integration of immigrant and local community members in Northwest Colorado through education, intercultural exchange, and collaboration. 
  3. Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) provides support, resources, connection, and community for parents of young children here in Steamboat Springs. 

How We’re Giving Back in 2020

As with just about everything in this world, our Giving Back Program got turned on its head in 2020 because of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Bella Vista Estate was inundated with a deluge of cancellations. As soon to be brides and travelers were forced to cancel their grandiose plans for 2020 events. As such, we decided to use our 2020 Giving Back Funds to offer partial refunds to individuals who were affected by this pandemic. 

After taking a pause on giving to nonprofits through our Giving Back Program in 2020; I was feeling that I still wanted to do something in order to keep our promise. That is when we came up with the idea of hosting a series of private and public benefit concerts here at Bella Vista Estate! We are thrilled to announce the first in the series; which will forever change how we use the estate to GIVE BACK!

Join us on October 23rd, 2020 from 5-9pm for a concert under the stars with local bluegrass band, Buffalo Commons. All proceeds will benefit the Colorado Event Alliance. They tirelessly work to advocate for all employees and affiliates of the Colorado event industry. We are thrilled to have this new mechanism for giving back to our community! Get tickets here before we sell out!