Bella Vista’s Heartbeat

From the outset, Bella Vista owners Abby and Eric, have shared a vision of their estate helping to support the local community and global welfare. Beyond fostering intimate experiences like weddings, retreats, and reunions, giving back to the community is at the heartbeat of the Bella Vista mission. This is why the Bella Vista Giving Back program was started in 2017, which contributes 10% of all reservation fees to three nonprofit organizations annually. This year Abby and Eric are excited to continue diving into this mission even more.

The Goal: A 50/50 Giving Lifestyle

Can you Imagine giving 50% of your income to philanthropic causes? That is the goal for Bella Vista owners, Eric and Abby. Their dream is to have the ability to live a 50/50 lifestyle where 50% of their income is donated to regional and global charities. Eric and Abby dream of accomplishing this goal by allowing the wedding, retreat, and reunion reservations to be the bread and butter while hosting fundraising concerts and internal retreats at the estate during the off-season. Bella Vista owner, Abby, will be stepping back from her active role as orchestrator of the estate to focus more on the community aspect and how the Estate can be shared more consistently.

Making an Impact in the Steamboat Community

Past organizations who have benefited from the Bella Vista Estate Giving Back program in the Steamboat region include; Reaching Everyone Preventing Suicide, Integrated Community, Impact 100, Selah, Northwest Rocky Mountain Casa, Building Leaders for Peace, Mothers of Preschoolers, Steamboat Christian Center, Northwest Center for Independence, Colorado Event Alliance, CAYA, and Old Town Hot Springs. Eric and Abby are thrilled to have had the opportunity to support these organizations with a portion of the proceeds from our mountain weddings, corporate retreats, and family reunions.

2021 Giving Back Program Summary

In 2021, Bella Vista Estate donated over $23,000 of its income to non-profits. Last year, Bella Vista contributed to Steamboat’s local CAYA, a residential faith-based treatment program for women dealing with addiction or abuse. We also contributed to the Northwest Center for Independence and Colorado Event Alliance, formed during the covid pandemic to help people in the hospitality industry.

2022 Giving Back Program Recipients

Based on alignment with their personal passions, Eric and Abby have chosen the following organizations to support with the Bella Vista Giving Back program in 2022. 

Yampa Valley River Fund. This non-profit is essential because of the vitality of the Yampa River and all of the key opportunities it provides for Steamboat’s community and guests. The organization’s goal remains to establish sustainable, voluntary funding that enhances water security for the community, agriculture, economy, and the environment.

Kawasaki Kid’s Foundation. A cause that hits close to home, with the Bella Vista’s owner’s son, Elijah, diagnosed in 2021 with Kawasaki Disease. Their struggle has inspired them to fund education, help others cope, and find a cure for this life-threatening disease. Early detection is the key to minimizing chances of heart disease from 80% to 3% in Kawasaki Kids, so funding for this program is vital.

Sk8 Church. A faith-based non-profit that ensures a safe and sober haven exists to support, change lives, reach lost and struggling youth while providing hope and connection. Its Steamboat-based mountain community, skatepark, and events bring about help, love, and an environment for youth striving for peace and growth. 

Steamboat Events Inspiring Change

The brainchild of Bella Vista owner, Abby, is hosting benefit concerts to help support regional and global nonprofit organizations. These events highlight popular local musical acts, and offer an unforgettable night of dancing under the stars for local participants, all while benefiting one or more chosen organizations. Abby is looking forward to collaborating with local wellness providers to curate unique retreat offerings ranging from couple’s retreats to wellness retreats!  Check back in Fall 2022 for more information on these unique retreat offerings!

With so much planned for the future, we invite you to be a part of something bigger and choose Bella Vista Estate for your next event venue. Not only does Bella Vista provide the perfect mountain location for your unique wedding, family reunion, corporate retreat, large group lodging, or special event, you’ll also know you’re investing in both globally and the local Steamboat community as well as the beautiful valley we all cherish.