Ways to Bring the Whole Family Together

Planning an Unforgettable Family Reunion in the Colorado Rockies

The hustle and bustle of daily life makes it hard to carve out quality time for family members outside your immediate household. If family members live close you can hope to enjoy quick visits and dinners, but it’s unlikely you’ll see family members outside your state more than once or twice a year. Planning a family reunion can be exactly what the family needs to create that precious space for bonding, sharing, and reconnecting. For a truly spectacular experience, bring the whole family together in the heart of the Colorado Rockies at your own private oasis—Bella Vista Estate.

“No Time”? Let’s Make Some!

Planning a family reunion eliminates all the “ifs” and “buts” from the question, “when can we make time to spend together”. A family reunion in a picture-perfect, world-class destination like Steamboat Springs, Colorado will draw all of the family members out of the woodwork to set aside time for this precious event. Bella Vista Estate can lodge up to 28 family members comfortably on our private estate. We rent the entire estate exclusively to one group at a time to ensure that you enjoy complete privacy and zero interruptions during your relaxing getaway. Your family members will be counting down the days until your family reunion at Bella Vista.

Activities that Foster Closeness Across Generations

Nestled in your own private oasis in a Colorado mountain town tends to breed a mentality that harkens to a simpler time. Days suddenly become slower and easier; watching the sunrise over the mountains with a cup of coffee instead of checking your email, or sitting by the firepit listening to your nephew strum a guitar under the stars of the milky way. Slowing down from the pace of our typical daily lives allows us to tune in with the people that are around us. Ponder the beauty of nature, laugh at the simple pleasure of watching light refracted in the aspen leaves, and make memories that span generations. A family retreat at Bella Vista Estate offers all this and more.

Amenities for Kids, Grandparents (and YOU)

Your favorite part will be watching everyone smiling, laughing, and enjoying themselves. But your kids’ favorite part will be the private outdoor swimming pool and the indoor grotto. Grandma and Grandpa will love the private outdoor tennis court on the estate and settling down with a book or puzzle in one of the outdoor or indoor lounge areas. Prepare family style meals in one of four on-site kitchens fully stocked with all of your requested favorites and fresh chocolate chip cookies. Take a mental snapshot of your entire family gathered together against the backdrop of Colorado majesty. Yes, it does look like a postcard!

Plan a family reunion at Bella Vista Estate

We believe it serves our mission to the fullest to rent out the estate for family reunions and family retreats. It is the intention of this space to foster connection and closeness with the people who matter most. We reserve the entire month of July each year exclusively for family reunions because it is these gatherings that bring the most joy to our hearts. To learn more about availability and rates please contact a member of our team at 970-879-4449.