Colorado Destination Mountain Wedding Venue

Colorado destination wedding

Every woman dreams about the details of her picture-perfect wedding day for years before the precious moment actually arrives. I remember being a little girl and wearing a wedding dress as a Halloween costume. Parading around under a white lace veil, pointing out the boys on the playground who would make eligible suitors. Even then I knew that I wanted to get married in the Colorado mountains with great peaks rising up all around me. There is something about a Colorado destination wedding that speaks to the nature of my heart. I long for the simplicity and beauty of an outdoor wedding with mountains, eagles, and aspen trees on the guest list. Bella Vista Estate offers everything you could possibly want for a Colorado destination wedding. Nestled in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains in scenic Steamboat Springs, Colorado, what more could you ask for?

Steamboat Springs Mountain Wedding Venue

Bella Vista Estate is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in authentic Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Our private estate offers everything you need for the perfect outdoor destination wedding. Enjoy complete privacy and exclusivity while on the estate. House up to 28 guests on-site in the comfort of private lodges complete with 180 degree views of the Yampa Valley and Flattops Mountains. Everything your family and friends could possibly want to experience is within 10 miles of the estate. From horseback riding, to fishing, hiking, boutique shopping, spas, and five star restaurants.

Small Town Authenticity with All Your Amenities Within Arms Reach

Unlike our I-70 corridor counterparts, Steamboat Springs offers visitors small town authenticity without highway sounds and foot traffic. Still within a convenient commute from Denver, Colorado, Steamboat Springs is off the beaten path and built on generations of ranching culture. The thoughtfulness and compassion of the residents is tangible from the moment you dip into the Yampa Valley. During the summer enjoy the town’s rodeo and other homages to our western heritage. In the winter Steamboat thrives as a world class ski destination. Make Bella Vista Estate your home away from home during your destination wedding and enjoy all of the amenities of Steamboat Springs within arms reach.

The Picture Perfect Wedding Venue You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Picture a warm mountain breeze gently wrapping around you, carrying the smell of the surrounding pines. All of earth’s majesty spread out before you. Mountains reaching into the sky, eagles and hawks come to celebrate in the blue sky above. Bella Vista Estate is the stuff mountain wedding dreams are made of. Our lush lawn looks out over the astounding Yampa Valley and Steamboat Springs below from its perch 1,000 feet about the valley floor.  The estate features all of the amenities you will need for a flawless wedding day from lodging, to fully appointed kitchens, luxury special event restroom facilities, and more. Enjoy an intimate dinner immaculately catered on the large patio overlooking the most gorgeous, breathtaking sunset you could ask for. This is what life in Colorado is all about!

To learn more about planning your dream mountain wedding at Bella Vista Estate contact a representative of our team to discuss rates and availability.