Our 1st Guests at Bella Vista- New Year’s 2016

Eric and I had just moved up to Steamboat and taken over the Bella Vista in September.  Our first guests were a family reunion from Ohio over New Year’s 2016/2017.  They were a gracious group of engineers, entrepreneurs and all-around amazing people!  We didn’t have property managers at the time, so Eric and I were the ones taking care of the group.  Needless to say, we were full of nervous anticipation and unsure of how it all was going to turn out.

They were the kindest people, inviting us over for dinners, carrying around and playing with our then 1-year old daughter, and helping with repairs that arose.  Yes…. Things weren’t perfect back then, and let’s just admit it- they never will be!  But this first reservation was before any improvements had been made and was a lesson of patience and grace.  From the power going out and having a candlelight dinner, to fixing the ice machine, the Schindler family was an answer to prayers with how they responded to these unforeseen events.  It felt as though so much was going wrong and each time, they were right beside my husband helping him with a repair or just offering a word of encouragement. 

At the end of the week after so much had gone wrong, they left us a $2,500 tip!  They didn’t know, but we had just written a check for our last $2,500 in our checking account to a local organization, Sk8 Church at the prompting of God to trust Him with all that we had.  It was an important lesson to always keep your hands open so that you can give, and receive all that God has for you.