Our Tenure is Complete

My husband and I bought the Bella Vista Estate 7 years ago and it has been a wild ride ever since!  Earlier this year, we decided that it was time to sell and pass the baton to a new owner, which will only be the 4th owner to date.  We are so grateful for the opportunities Bella Vista has provided us to learn, grow, and give back to the community.  We walked into this endeavor with a heart to provide a space for people to connect and get back to what matters in life.  We are so happy to have delivered hundreds of weddings, retreats and reunions over the past 7 years.  Love was shared, and people felt more connected than ever to those who matter most in their lives.

It has not come without its challenges.  We have been through the ringer with this property fighting each and every day to bring it up to par to get it in line with the beauty that surrounds it.  After many renovation projects and updates we are so happy to present a product that is turn-key, whether used in its current capacity as a business or made into a personal home.  We have put in the grunt work, and now the new owners get to enjoy the fruits of our labor!  Not knowing what it will turn into is a bit difficult, but our prayer is that it continues to be used for good and to give back.  We have donated over $100,000 to 21 different non-profit organizations over the past 7 years. This is the legacy that we have begun and would be delighted to see continue!

Are we sad….yes!  Are we excited for what’s next….. yes!  Are we nervous not knowing what’s next…..yes!  But we are in God’s hands, and God is good, ALWAYS!  We are full of gratitude for what it has been and the time that we have been given to watch over this ‘slice of heaven on earth’.  We will miss it dearly, but our children are getting bigger and now is the time to pour into their future.  We don’t want to miss a day and have missed too many over the past 7 years getting Bella Vista to where it is today.  We wouldn’t change a thing, but there comes a time when big change needs to happen, and that time is now.