Perfect Colorado Destination Executive Retreat

Planning the Ultimate Executive Retreat in Stunning Steamboat Springs

On every level, planning an executive retreat is a good decision. Company getaways foster comradery and bonding, employee retention, and increase productivity in the office. Your entire team will return back to work refreshed and inspired. Here at Bella Vista Estate, we’ve seen first hand how time spent in stunning Steamboat Springs, Colorado can reignite the spark of joy in someone’s life. Break from the routine and experience the magic of the old west. If you’re even considering planning a Colorado destination executive retreat, here is everything that you need to consider to ensure your executive team has a picture perfect vacation.

Accommodations: Shared Spaces & Private Retreats

One of the most important components of planning a successful executive retreat is considering the shared and individual accommodations for all of your team members. It’s important to have large, shared group spaces where your team can convene to talk, work, play games, eat meals, and have drinks. It is equally important to have private, individual spaces that everyone can retreat to at their leisure to rest and restore. Bella Vista Estate can accommodate 12 individuals with private rooms and groups of up to 28 who are willing to share accommodations. This can be a great option for team members wanting to bring significant others and spouses.

Planning Meals: Dine In or Dine Out

When everyone is working and playing, you certainly don’t want anyone to go hungry. Meal planning for corporate retreats can feel like a full time job in and of itself!  Especially when planning a destination retreat in a new location where your team is not already familiar with the options. Bella Vista offers guests the convenience of being able to dine in or out with ease. Cook large group meals in one of multiple large, fully stocked on-site kitchens. Or, hire a private chef to come cater for your entire group in the comfort of your home away from home. Outside the estate you are just a short drive away from plentiful dining options in downtown Steamboat, ranging from fine dining to family-friendly burgers and beers.

Stay Connected: Wi-Fi and Cell Reception

It probably goes without saying that having a reliable Wi-Fi connection in the shared and private spaces is absolutely essential to the success of a productive executive retreat. This is a resource you might not immediately expect when staying in the heart of the rocky mountains, however, we’ve taken every possible measure to enhance the broadband infrastructure here at Bella Vista Estate to deliver rapid upload and download speeds for our guests. Your team can enjoy Wi-Fi access anywhere on the estate; by the pool, on the patio, and in each of the private guest rooms.

Transportation: Private Shuttle

Lastly, when planning an executive retreat you have to consider how all of your team members will get to and from all of your various activities and outings. There are also potential cost considerations that could affect the budget for the entire retreat. Bella Vista makes it easy, comfortable, and convenient by offering our guests their own private shuttle. We will shuttle you to and from town and the ski resort for dining, recreation, and shopping.

Contact a member of our team to learn more about planning an executive retreat at Bella Vista Estate.