Reasons to Have a Wedding Planner for a Mountain Destination Wedding

Congratulations! It seems that you are in the process of planning your dream mountain town destination wedding, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado—perhaps. The effianced find Steamboat’s stunning landscapes an ideal backdrop for their mountain wedding. Host your wedding and lodge up to 28 of your closest family and friends at the Bella Vista Estate for the ultimate, private mountain wedding getaway. Every year we host dozens of wedding parties on our intimate, private estate grounds overlooking the purple mountain majesties of the Rocky Mountains and the sprawling greenery of the Yampa Valley and Yampa River.

As you shop for your dream destination mountain wedding venue and lodging for your guests, you might feel like you have every detail under control, but in our experience facilitating dozens of splendid ceremonies and receptions, we highly recommend hiring a wedding planner or event coordinator for your special day. A wedding planner will help you realize the dozens of details that need to be considered to host a smooth and memorable event, plus hiring someone local to your destination can help coordinate local vendors, scout locations, and bring their local expertise to bare for all aspects of hosting in the area. Here are some of the reasons the staff at Bella Vista Estate requires working with a local wedding planner for your destination wedding.

Someone Local to Coordinate Vendors & Venues:

Hiring a wedding planner or event coordinator who is local to your destination has a gamut of advantages. This individual can help you scout local venues for your ceremony and reception and meet with local vendors on your behalf. In all likelihood, this individual will already have established relationships with vendors and venue managers in the area and can help advise you on the best course of action when it comes to selecting caterers, musicians, florists, photographers, and more. For couples hosting their special day at Bella Vista Estate in Steamboat Springs, our onsite concierge will gladly make recommendations for local wedding planners and event coordinators who have hosted successful events at our venue.

Coordinating Additional Lodging & Activities Around Steamboat

Your wedding planner will also be able to help you coordinate additional lodging for your guests and transportation logistics if necessary. Bella Vista Estate can sleep up to 28 guests in a number of private rooms in multiple private lodge buildings on the estate. Bella Vista is a gated estate that rents exclusively to one group of guests at a time, so your party can enjoy complete privacy while staying at the estate in the days before and after the wedding. Additional wedding guests can find ample comfortable lodging within minutes of the estate in downtown Steamboat or in the lodging properties near Steamboat Resort. Take all of the stress off your plate of planning the perfect trips for your wedding guests and create a wedding website to house all information and local suggestions for your guests to be able to create the experience they are looking for.

Someone Who Can Hire Additional Support as Needed

Another advantage of hiring a local wedding planner for your destination mountain wedding is having someone who can hire additional hourly support as needed for your event. You don’t want to worry about who is filling water glasses or making dirty dishes disappear during your wedding. Your event planner will have the resources to hire reliable, respectable, hourly help to support the flow of your event and prevent family members and friends from feeling the need to take responsibility for minimal tasks throughout the day. 

Someone to Manage the Day-Of Timeline

Last, but certainly not least, the most important reason to hire a wedding planner for any wedding is to have someone managing the run of show the day of your wedding. This person will have contact information and scheduling information for all of your vendors to help ensure tables are set up properly, floral arrangements are in place, lighting, decore, music, photography, and catering services all go off without a hitch. Having a professional managing this role allows the bride and groom to enjoy their day without being pestered by logistical questions. 

If you’re curious about hosting your wedding and up to 28 of your closest guests at Bella Vista Estate in Steamboat Springs, Colorado contact a representative of our reservations team to learn more.