Safe Travel During COVID

Safe Travel During COVID

Reassessing What Safe Travel Means to You

Many don’t want to come to terms with the fact that we are only in the beginning stages of the effects of the pandemic. Everyone hopes that it will be done in just a few months and “back to normal”. But realistically it will probably affect our lives for years to come. An effective vaccine could take up to 2 years to be available to the public. And after that it will take years for everyone to get vaccinated and for us to reach herd immunity. So does that mean we keep our lives on hold until then? Staying in our homes for the next 2+ years is not realistic. Seeing our families and close friends is vital for our mental health. This means we need to assess what our own risk tolerance is in a world that will be affected by COVID for the indefinite future. So what does safe travel during COVID look like for you?

Assess What Type of Travel Feels Safe for You

Maybe international travel was your go-to vacation before COVID, that has likely changed now that travel restrictions are keeping us stateside. Or maybe you liked going on cruises and the tight quarters just don’t seem like a good idea anymore. Each of us are having to reassess what safe travel during COVID means. What makes us feel safe in today’s world? If you are like me traveling with toddlers and didn’t like the flying experience pre-COVID, then you may certainly not want to fly during COVID. Maybe you will be narrowing your group list to a smaller number or following a strict quarantine beforehand. Many people have switched their plans to road trips for a safer travel plan this year. We think road trips will likely stay as the COVID vacation go-to. At Bella Vista Estate we actually had guests this summer travel across the country to Colorado by train because it felt safer than flying. So each of us needs to assess what makes us feel the most comfortable and safest because these changes are here to stay.

What Travel Accommodations Feel Safe During COVID?

If your favorite vacation was going to a giant resort with lots of people poolside, you might be reconsidering this option now. Staying in a huge hotel, with tight quarters, where you’re not sure who your neighbors are sounds a lot less appealing than it did a year ago. More intimate locales, with a limited guest list, likely feel like a safer option. Luckily Bella Vista Estate offers you just that experience. You will have the entire estate for just your party—we only rent to one group at a time! This means you can safely enjoy your next vacation with your own private outdoor pool, indoor grotto, and all the incredible views of the Rockies with just your group. We are following our COVID Protocol to keep all of our guests safe, and adjusting as regulations require. So you can feel secure about your stay at Bella Vista Estate.

Have Your Vacation Priorities Changed?

This time has been a great reminder of what is most important, and for us it’s family. The distance has been hard, limiting contact is a strain on everyone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t safely see your family. Planning a family reunion at a private estate with your dearest loved ones is the perfect responsible option. At Bella Vista we do everything for you to have a great mountain vacation that is fun for the whole family. Our estate is within a 10 mile radius from world class hiking, biking, and skiing so you can enjoy the great outdoors (the safest recreation available!). We also have everything you will need on the Estate from the game room to our fully appointed kitchen. You will not get bored or have to venture out if you don’t want to. And in winter 2021 you can rent the entire estate for a month or more to safely enjoy a snowy mountain winter getaway with the whole family!

We are proud to offer safe travel options during COVID to our guests. We look forward to having you stay at Bella Vista Estate! Call 970-879-4449 to learn more and discuss rates and availability.