Weddings Reimagined

Smaller Weddings

Intimate Weddings Exceed Expectations

Brides and grooms with grandiose wedding plans for 2020 are having to reimagine the possibilities. With restrictions nation-wide around large gatherings, couples are having smaller, more intimate weddings. And the wonderful news is that a smaller wedding can exceed your original expectations! “This was exactly what we wanted and we didn’t even know it,” said one Groom recently married at Bella Vista. After their 200+ guest list Las Vegas wedding had to be cancelled because of COVID, this husband and wife invited their closest family and friends to an intimate mountain wedding at Bella Vista Estate. A reimagined wedding turned into story-book perfect nuptials!

Smaller Guest Lists Fosters Intimacy

Have you ever attended a wedding with so many guests you felt like you were hardly even able to congratulate the bride? It’s easy for your guest list to spiral out of control. But with nation-wide restrictions around large group gatherings, now we must all look at planning smaller, more intimate weddings. Think of the downgrade in size as an upgrade in experience. As you’re able to talk to all of your guests, spending time with only your closest friends and family. An intimate wedding can really be the best way to celebrate love. Small to medium sized weddings are perfect for Bella Vista Estate! Where you can spend your entire weekend on your own exclusive private estate. Enjoy all of the indoor and outdoor amenities you could desire with your closest loved ones.

Less Guests Reduces Stress of Planning

Fewer guests means less stress when it comes to planning your perfect wedding! No more micromanaging seating charts or fussing over RSVPs from hundreds of people. A more intimate wedding also means reduced cost of catering, rentals, and decor. With less money going to these expenses, maybe you can afford to upgrade in another area. Like increasing your flower budget or saving it for your future honeymoon!  By getting away from the “showmanship” of a gigantic wedding with all of the bells and whistles, you can get back to the heart of it all. The perfect wedding should really be about the bride and groom and the friends and family that nurture and support their love. And if you still want that large reception, you can always plan it for your 1 year anniversary!

Bella Vista Anticipates Your Needs

Our Property Managers will anticipate your needs before you even know them! We are always on call to ready rooms, refresh kitchen supplies, prep the pool, anything and everything you can imagine. Bella Vista is the perfect setting for your reimagined, more intimate wedding! Call us today to discuss rates and availability and everything that we will do to make your wedding picture perfect.