Unforgettable Moments from 2022 Wedding Season at Bella Vista

As the first snowflakes of the season fall in Steamboat Springs, we’re reflecting with gratitude on all of the spring, summer, and fall weddings hosted at our venue. Nestled in the hillside overlooking the Yampa Valley, Bella Vista Estate is the mountain wedding venue couples dream of, with onsite lodging for up to 28 family and friends and the ability to host hundreds on the sprawling estate grounds. Brides and grooms can choose from a variety of outdoor ceremony areas with different mountain landscapes for backdrops. Weddings at Bella Vista are all about intimacy and true connection. We love to see our guests hosting thoughtful, creatively curated events. Here are some of the unforgettable ways that couples decided to spend their special day at Bella Vista.

A High-End Spring Mountain Wedding

Wedding season at Bella Vista Estate started with an unforgettable, lavish mountain wedding. The decorations and the event curation were incredibly elaborate. All around the estate the spring mountain landscape was bursting with lush greens and colorful wildflowers. Nature delivered on a request for absolutely perfect spring mountain weather for the first bride and groom of the season. They were incredibly easygoing and purely focused on spending quality time with their family and friends. The couple and the guests enjoyed a beautiful weekend at the estate.

Knock-Knock – Who’s Bear?

One special Bella Vista couple will never forget the morning after their perfect mountain wedding. At 4:30am they heard a commotion in the main lodge kitchen. They looked and saw a bear rustling through the leftovers. Luckily no one was hurt and nothing was damaged. This event served as a memorable reminder that our estate is truly a mountain-side wedding venue, located 5 minutes from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. (Don’t worry, if you don’t want your guests to share lodging with wildlife, simply locking the doors will keep them at bay.) You can enjoy the sights and the splendor from the many expansive windows throughout the Main Lodge and Cottages.

Fall Wedding With a Circle Ceremony

We were delighted by the thoughtfulness of one group this fall who incorporated a pool party and a circle ceremony into their wedding celebration. This was the first circle ceremony that we have seen here at Bella Vista Estate, and it was truly the most meaningful celebration we’ve ever seen. The couple got married in the center of their gathering with their guests in concentric circles around them. After the ceremony, during cocktail hour, all of the guests had a pool party, ditching their fancy clothes for bathing suits. Everyone dressed up again for dinner and enjoyed an intimate night of dining and discussion. All of the guests seemed devoted to honoring the love shared between them. The space was glowing with warm, positive energy.

Clear Skies Shining Down

It felt like no small miracle that every single one of our couples enjoyed clear skies on their wedding day at Bella Vista Estate. This was one of the most stunning years in recent decades here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Spring and summer were incredibly lush and green after a surprising amount of spring rain, which led to an unforgettable fall with weeks of golden-colored aspen leaves. All of our brides and grooms experienced the best that nature and Bella Vista Estate has to offer this wedding season.

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