Planning a Bella Vista Wedding

Save The Date Weekend!

A Bella Vista wedding is more of a “save the weekend” experience.  So where do you start?  The first thing you will want to do is decide who you would like to stay on property with you.  You get to have a total of 26 guests staying with you throughout the weekend so will it be a mixture of both friends and family, or possibly have the wedding party take over the whole Estate? 

Your Guests At Bella Vista

Most of our couples have the guests staying on site pitch for their accommodations since if they weren’t staying at the Bella Vista, they’d be paying for a room elsewhere.  Give them the option of staying on site with you where they will get to take advantage of all the amenities all weekend for (x) amount, or getting a room in town for (x) amount.  Once calling around for room rates, you’ll find that Bella Vista may be less expensive for them than the other options.

Read More about where to stay on the Steamboat Springs Chamber website.

Hire A Planner

Next, hire your planner.  Your planner will be the one helping you navigate all of the aspects of your wedding weekend.  They will know your style, budget, and vision so will be able to get you in touch with the vendors that will best fit you and your wishes.  It may seem overwhelming trying to plan a destination wedding and this is the exact reason why we require that you use a planner.  We want you to be able to relax, refresh and reconnect with those who matter most.  

How to find a wedding planner

  1. Do your homework. Check out prospective planners’ websites, talk with friends and read reviews. 
  2. Confirm services. Compare your favorite 3 with their planning services offered, wedding date availability, and price range and/or cost of the average wedding they’ve planned in the past.
  3. Prep an interview. Magazine tear-outs, Pinterest picks or any type of inspiration that can be shown to the planners will help you determine if they fit the bill.
  4. Call their References. Talking with a previous clients can always help you make that final decision when it’s a close call between picking a planner.
  5. Seal the Deal. Weight all the options and review the planner proposals. Sometimes the preparation of the proposal will give you an insight of the quality of service they provide.

Dream Big!

After you have your planner on board, let the dreaming begin!  There is so much that you can do with your guests while in Steamboat that it is important to give your guests the options but not plan their vacation for them. Check out this article on what to do while in Steamboat Springs. You want everyone to be able to create their own experience and it is not your job to provide that experience for them.  Build a website that includes all of the local activities and wedding details. allows for easy setup and affordable short term website hosting. 


What you need to focus on is enjoying the weekend and creating a sacred space of love and authenticity.  Be sure to allow ample time to lounge around, just be, and enjoy the Estate!  After all, that is why you have selected Bella Vista in the first place.  Because it truly is the most beautiful location in all of Steamboat!

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