Welcome Spring!

Spring is full bore upon us here in beautiful Steamboat Springs, CO. Our vacation rental home is coming to life and blooming more and more every day! The snow has completed melted away giving rise to flowers, green grass and budding Aspen trees. I must say- that is one of my favorites at our private estate; seeing the Aspen leaves uncurl and grow into glistening, round, bright green reminders of LIFE! There is something magical about watching things grow… It has a way of humbling us and making us slow down and contemplate each moment. Life seems to be going so fast- BUSY< BUSY<BUSY…isn’t that how we describe ourselves so often these days? But then you take a moment to really look- and see…and it all changes! You feel like you can breathe a little deeper, wish you could hold on a little longer, and dive into the memory so fully you could get lost forever. It all started in the Garden and our deepest desire is to get back to that place. The place where your priority is to watch things grow, to cultivate, and to connect. If this is what your heart longs for as well- come join us in the journey!