Working Together as a Husband-Wife Team

Private home steamboat

Getting to know your hosts at Bella Vista Estate

When you step foot onto the Bella Vista Estate property you become a member of our family. We want you to feel comfortable kicking your feet up on the couch and grabbing fresh cookies in the kitchen. We want you to feel like you’ve stepped into your own private home here in Steamboat, because Bella Vista is an extension of our home. For us (Eric and Abby), Bella Vista Estate is the manifestation of a lifelong dream. A vision to work hard, together, to share the beauty and serenity of this land with friends and family. Bella Vista Estate is our family investment and our hands and our hearts are in it every single day.

The Dream Comes True

Eric and I met in college more than 15 years ago and both always worked extremely hard for other people. When we got married and had our first child, we were ships passing in the night! We wanted to create our own lifestyle, work hard for ourselves, and create an opportunity that would allow us to be more involved in our children’s daily lives. When we found Bella Vista it was everything that we had been searching for! We were able to start our family, and our dream life, here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Welcome to the Family

When you stay at Bella Vista Estate your family becomes an extension of ours! This is your private home for your stay in Steamboat. We want to share all of our favorite tips and tricks for maximizing your trip; restaurant recommendations, shopping, recreation, and more! Ask us anything and we’re glad to help! Building this platform together as a husband and wife team allows us to provide a special level of service to our guests. Our love, passion, and energy is apparent in every aspect of your stay at Bella Vista.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

We feel particularly blessed to each bring our own unique skill set and expertise to the table. Even though we come to work together, we have our own separate functions within the daily operations with relatively minimal overlap. This allows us each to excel within our own role and amply support the other person during times of personal need. One of the accomplishments we are most proud of as a husband and wife team was our ability to care for our children without daycare for the first year of their lives! All of this hard work and collaboration requires ample honesty and a strong support system.

Come find out for yourself what it feels like to be a part of the Bella Vista family! Call today to discuss rates and availability.